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WARNING: All medicines, drugs, plants, chemicals or medicial precedures below are for historical reference only. Many of these treatments are now known to be harmful and possibly fatal. Do not consume any plant, chemical, drug or otherwise without first consulting a licensed physician that practices medine in the appropriate field.

Felter's Materia Medica on Anspor

   The milky exudate, air dried, obtained by incising unripe capsules of the growing plant Papaveris somniferum, LinnĂ©; and its variety, album, De... / ...d with adherent poppy leaves, and often with the fruits of a species of Rumex used in packing for transportation. The U. S. P. requires that normal, moist opium should contain not less than 9.5 per ce... / ...filaments, benumbing them against pain, and finally the motor nerves come under its depressing power. While the exact cause of its pain-relieving1


1) Felter, Harvey Wickes, 1922, The Eclectic Materia Medica, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Cincinnati, Ohio.